Top Ten Factors in Running a Successful Construction Contractor Business

It isn’t easy owning a construction business. There are lots of pitfalls and methods to lose money but in the event that you follow some basic steps not only can you earn a living but become very wealthy. Many successful construction contractors have discovered there are specific things you absolutely should do right on a regular basis and certain skills you’ll want or acquire to make it in this very competitive industry. In this specific article I will summarize what must be done to be always a successful construction contractor within their order of importance.


Do not even consider starting a construction contractor business if you don’t have at the very least five years of broad (meaning general, not specialized) construction experience. The only real exception to the is if you consider focusing on one area and something area only. We call this a distinct segment. Niche’s can be quite profitable, however they can disappear completely also, change or be replaced by technology, services, changes in the societal or industry changes. The best opportunity for success in the overall contractor business would be to gain experience doing everything. This general experience has benefits. You are given by it the capability to identify and hire competent individuals, fire incompetent ones, evaluate good work product and identify poor work product. Essentially the most important thing it offers you is the capability to transition from being truly a technician to being truly a manager. The very best experience originates from small to mid-sized construction companies that want you to be considered a jack of most trades. Larger companies tend to pigeonhole you into niches. That’s fine if your organization model is really a niche, but in the event that you take up a general contractor construction business with skills in mere several niche areas, you’ll fail if you don’t hire to your weaknesses.

Second THE VERY FIRST THING: Outstanding Accounting System

If you don’t have an audio accounting system your construction business shall eventually fail. This CPA has witnessed this way too many times than I care to recount. Sound accounting systems enable you to evaluate if you make money on employment by job basis. Choosing gut instinct is fraught and dangerous with risk. An audio accounting system can help you identify those ideas you do directly on each job along with the mistakes you have made. Numbers don’t lie. Unfortunately, my experience shows me that a lot of construction contractors pay little focus on their system of accounting. There’s a fear that proper accounting will set the continuing business proprietor up for higher taxes. Thus, cash received on employment and cash disbursed go unreported in order to avoid tax. Just what a mistake. I don’t care how great your gut feeling is on each job, unless you have an accounting of each penny on each job, it is possible to rest assured you’re flying blind and losing profits on each working job. You shall walk out business as well as your family life are affected. If you opt to start your personal business you will need to act just like a professional business proprietor and that means developing a sound accounting system. Failed accounting systems result in litigation, bankruptcy and failure.

Third THE VERY FIRST THING: Effective Management

When you have practical experience on the market, forged by a long time (at the very least five years) of employed in every element of the construction business, you’re better in a position to make the transition from technician to manager. Effective management requires that you have sound procedures on many areas of your organization. Well-defined work product processes, alongside accompanying task-specific checklists, lets you drill your workers on every part of a task inside a working job. You ought to have a work product process with accompanying checklists for almost every major task inside a job. This eliminates human error and lets you make corrections prior to the task is officially completed. This is a construction company owners #1 management tool. You need to develop a process for every working job and each task. This process should be on paper and stored in a binder for every job, combined with the task checklist. The duty checklist ought to be calendarized. Your jobs binder will include the following:

Tab #1 – A copy of the signed contract and any change orders.
Tab #2 – Cover the job. Cover each change order.
Tab #3 – Accounting for income and expenses. The income portion would are the contract bid price, monies received either as deposits or because the stages of the project are completed and monies received for change orders.
Tab #4 – Task List Summary.
Tab #5 – Task #1 Process Summary and Checklist.
Tab #6 – Task #2 Process Summary and Checklist.

Last Tab – Customer sign off letter on completed work alongside standard testimonial letter signed by customer, listing customer’s name and contact information alongside permission to utilize the testimonial in marketing so when a reference for potential customers. You’ll transfer copies of every testimonial letter to another binder that you’ll take with one to each prospect. This testimonial binder might be the only thing separating you from your own competition. It offers assurance to prospects that you take client satisfaction very seriously and could function as difference maker. It allows prospects a chance to get in touch with previous customers to be able to obtain references. In addition, it shows the prospect your company is quite organized and well run. Lastly, have an image of the before and after on each working job in this binder.